Get To Know About Magic The Gathering Cards

This is a very popular card game that came into existence in 1993 and became so popular among children due to its magical gaming features. The game is invented by veteran mathematician Dungeons and Dragons player, Richard Garfield.

This trading card game has five types of magic, or we can say sorcery, and they are:
• Black
• White
• Green
• Blue and
• Red.
In this magical game, the players act like sorcerers, and they have to kill the another player by his cards along with creatures such as Animate Dead, Bad Moon, Orb, Chaos, enchantments, and spells.

Magic is an exigent game just like Dungeons & Dragons that needs perceptive plays as well as a complicated tactic that can work correctly inside the dark background of the occult to win the game. There are various kinds of cards in this game that describes disgusting and terrifying creatures. The cards also include pictures of death, blood and Skeletons. Some of the common images in this card game are Bone Shaman, Endless Scream, Torture, Dark Ritual, Prodigal Sorcerer, Necrite and Sadistic Glee. If you also want to enjoy playing this game but do not have cards then you can buy magic the gathering cards from your nearest store or you can order it online.

If you play or collect magic
In the magic game, you have to pretend yourself as a sorcerer. May be you think that why not we can assume another thing like a drug dealer?
Well, you can. As the game is based on our imagination power that’s why you can imagine the white card as cocaine, blue as LSD, black as heroin, green cards as pot, and red cards as speed and you can call this name whatever you want to. For now let’s call it Pusher. You can assume every player as a drug dealer who has to out from rivalry and has to sell drugs as much as he can to win the game. To make it more complex, you can launch some confronts from gangs, prison, law, and polluted products, etc. Now are you enjoying the play? You can use your imagination power to make this game more interesting and exciting.

Is Fantasy Bad?
Imagination and Fantasy plays an important role in everyone’s life because we can expand our ideas, and we can invent something new only when we can imagine something. This thing is god gifted. But everything in this world has two aspects: good or bad. If we use our imagination power in positive way then it can results in the invention of new things however if we use this power in a negative way then it brings only destruction. Hence, it is up to you what you want to be or how can you use your internal power.